Sometimes ago, a mobile phone produced by HUWEI seems to open another door to optical micro-nano texture field--HUWEI HONOR 10. More and more mobile phone manufacturers are trying to make a different on the back shell to attract customers' eyes. Today let's talk about its principle together. 

Optical Micro-nano Texture Application (1).jpg

It is reported that the number of Smartphone users around the world has increased from 2.3 billion in 2016 to 2.6 billion in 2017.  Mobile phones have become essential in life. The huge mobile phone market has driven the rapid development of related products. 

The mobile phone shell has been used as a magical existence of practicality and aesthetics, and has also been growing quickly in recent years. Looking at the texture market of mobile phone shell, a variety of colors, patterns & shapes emerge. But the only one seems to be rare, that is optical micro-nano texture mobile phone shell.

Optical Micro-nano Texture Application (8).jpg

(Suzhou Image Laser Optical Texture Design)

 Are you wondering what's the principle? how does it occur?

Actually, it's nature’s color——physical colors we have seen in life, like butterfly wings, peacock plume, insect eyes etc are all physical structure colors. Principle is wavelengths of light, different wavelengths have different colors. 

By using the designed physical structure on surface of products to form different colors through the theories of refraction, scattering, reflection, diffraction etc, which is completely physical colors.

optical texture natural color.gif

Micro-nano Texture has wide application in many fields due to the features of no fading, eco-friendly and rainbow. Such as electronic and electrical appliance’s surface, building decoration, automotive interior’s surface, luggage, fabric, package & label shading material. However, it was rarely used in mobile phone field at present.

 Optical texture for hangtags.jpg

From the aesthetics and novelty, many printed products cannot be compared. Ink printing is not only environment pollution, no stereo effect. but also no dynamic colorful change. This is exactly what optical textures are good at.


Because of Physical colors, pollution doesn't exit. By using wavelengths of light to generate attractive & shiny visual effect, that is impossible to achieve through printing. We believe that it will be the safest and most environmentally friendly way of colors expressing in the near future. And it is also a trend of decorative textures.

Aumotive decoration optical texture.jpg

Suzhou Image Laser has established a R & D team, which specialized in designing optical texture patterns applied to mobile phone back shell. Should you have any interest, please contact us!