Whether it is a passport, ID card, driver's license, tickets or other identity documents, pass documents,security anti-counterfeiting technology is the highest level. It condenses the highest level of security printing in a country. 

Its main purpose is to more effectively ensure the security of documents and prevent forgery. However, most people only know to distinguish by some simple personal information. 

Maybe they think real anti-counterfeit technology inside is a matter for professional inspection departments, ordinary certificate holders do not need to distinguish between true and false. Today, Suzhou Image Laser will take you to reveal these hidden high technologies on the credentials.

1、Optical diffraction,you can see this transparent holographic overlay in reflected light angle ahs the stable color change (for example red and green color change)

Patch Hologram

2、Flip-flop,this security features can recorded two or more than two different images information in the same position. This is impossible to achieve for printing technology.


3、Micro Text/image,The smallest text or image information can reach 0.25mm for printing,however, image or text height can achieve 0.02-0.05mm by optical hologram security technology. Image or text information can be observe under 80-500× magnifying glass. 

Hidden image hologram sticker

4、Fiber information,it is similar as the random fiber on banknotes, use 40× magnifier to observe the hidden micro information in the fibers.

De-metalized hologram sticker.png

These above features are just a small part of many optical techs. Suzhou Image Laser specialized in researching and developing  optical hologram security techs for 3 decades, more than 20+ security features are widely used onto National IDs, Certificate, travel documents, tickets, major events. The company make most counterfeiters are discouraged with its special high-tech & unique patented technology. 

Hologram Ribbon.png

Documents optical holographic overlay has various kinds of types, such as cold sticky , patch hologram, thermal transfer ribbon, hologram lamination pouch, etc. according to different requirements. Generally, in order to achieve security purposes, varieties of anti-counterfeit technology combination to applied to document projects.

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