2014 Inchon Asian Games was held in Korea. As a sport event which is only second  to Olympic Games, it has 35 events , including 28 Olympic events and 7 non-Olympic events. Athletes from More than 40 countries and districts participated in this major event at that time. 

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    Inchon is the third largest city in Korea with a population of 2.74 million. And Located 80 kilometers far away from the west of Seoul. It is the third city to host Asian grand sports events after South Korea's Seoul Asian Games in 1986 and the Busan Asian Games in 2002.


    Excited moments, good news keep pouring in, security assurance is also very important and essential. The thing we're most proud of is that Laminate Hologram Pouch is produced by Suzhou Image Laser.

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    This time, Suzhou Image Laser obtained the design and production of heat sealed hologram Pouch.

    So What is Hologram Lamination Pouch? .........

    It is double layer optical protective film, widely used in events badges, sport events & meeting places, also ID cards and driving license. Paper documents with personalized information were inserted between the two layers of optical protective film for hot pressing and lamination which is difficult to lift to alter.

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   This success reflects that Suzhou Image Laser is top-notch in design, production & quality. As a supplier of major events for many years, It is not only the recognition of Suzhou Image Laser's professional power,  but also the recognition of China and even the world standard.

    Suzhou Image Laser, a participant of this great event, still adhere to a mission " To be a best supplier in optical security hologram industry". At the same time, we will strive to better serve every customer with the value of " sincere , honest and win-win".

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    Besides hologram pouch, our company self R & D many other optical security solution. Like Patch hologram, 84*52mm hologram overlay sticker, Temperature-resistant hot stamping labels, Passport hologram overlay, Nation ID projects, etc.

    Should you have any interest, please contact us!


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