Hi, guys, see you again.

Today, share a very interesting thing happened during Chinese Qingming Festival.

If you ever read suzhou image's previous article(About Chinese Qingming Festival?), you will know.


This is an encounter of a Singaporean at the night of Qingming Festival. He was having a walk on the road after dinner. When passing by a convenient store he wanted to buy something. Then he realized that he didn't have any money with him. Finally, he had to call his family to bring some money to him.

He noticed there is a woman burning some paper on the road. He went to the woman and asked "what are you doing here? ".  "I am sending money to my family" he answered. Then the woman asked him, " what are you doing here? " I am waiting for my family to send money to me"

After this, the woman had a look at him, and ran away quickly. He shouted to the woman, "what's happening, i just waiting for my family to send me money".

Suddenly, all the people whose burning spirit paper on the roadside ran away.

Do you laugh?  Wish you a nice day!!!

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