The closing ceremony of 2018 Winter Olympics was held in Pyeongchang Olympic stadium. An eight-minute performance directed by director Yimou Zhang made an deep impression on audiences. It presented a marvelous stage effects, no matter the wonderful performance of athletes, or excited audience and referee. 

hologram pouch for Pyeongchang Winter Olmpics (20).jpg

    2018 Winter Olympics had finished, are there any other china elements except splendid eight-minute? And what kind of connection with Suzhou Image Laser( a professional hologram pouch supplier) ?

Please see the report by Suzhou TV station: 

Our Design Director explain optical security features which applied to this event badge. Can you imagine such a big sports event, Suzhou Image Laser supplied laminate hologram pouch for them.

This is not a joke, we are serious. Suzhou Image Laser have been specialized in optical security hologram for government projects like national ID card, driving licenses, tax stamps etc and brand protection for commercial products for 30 years.

Let's have a look at these big events together!

In 2008 Year, Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, Jackie Chan(China movie star) acted as image ambassador, here is a picture of him wearing a hanging type transparent Hologram Pouch, which supplied by Suzhou Image Laser. 

hologram pouch for Pyeongchang Winter Olmpics (21).jpg

In 2010 years, Suzhou Image Laser cooperate with Guangzhou Asian Games projects, provide them Large size ID hologram pouch with optical security techs. 

In 2014 year, Inchon Asian Games used them also. Please see the pictures below. 

hologram pouch for Pyeongchang Winter Olmpics (24).jpg

In 2016 Year G20 Summit, Optical hologram sticker made by Suzhou Image Laser were affixed onto parking permit to keep order. 

Hologram Sticker for G20

Through those large events & activities, none of them don't use advanced optical security features. So is it necessary to use security hologram tech with the high development of Internet Technology?

Of course, That is very essential. Even though electronic inspections and popularization of the Internet, security risks and loopholes still exist.

Large-scale event sites are likely to cause short-term signal jams, electrical power failures, hacking attacks, and incidents. In this case, electronic inspections will face difficulties or even breakdown. At this moment, security hologram inspection become the most important security inspection method.

Specially Hologram Id Badge with personal information, Transparent hologram overlay can prevent tampering and alternation of graphics & texts,this is why it has became international common options.

hologram pouch for Pyeongchang Winter Olmpics (2).jpg

Review the past 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, let's reveal what kind of optical security features they applied( including the pass, working permit & events id badge). Those security techs both designed and manufactured by Suzhou Image Laser. 

Hologram Laminate Pouch.jpg

(The left picture is from front effect, the right picture is from back effect under UV light)

hologram id pouch.jpg

2018 Winter Olympics adopt optical security hologram to form Micro-NANO structure on the surface of printing products. This structure effectively process the reflected light that carries information and graphics, they can present color, stereo, dynamic & visible security features. 

transparent hologram pouch.jpg

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is getting closer, as a country who are good at printing, which security tech will they use? And as a host of 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, What kind of high-security elements? Do you want to know? See you in Beijing in 2022!