As we all know, Cigarette tax is a huge part of government revenue. However, more and more fake cigarette products have resulted in great Financial losses to government. So Government are urgently need a complete security solution to combat illegal forgery.  

The consumption of counterfeit Cigarettes among the masses continues to rise, which is harmful to people's health. According to research data, counterfeit Cigarettes contain highly toxic dopants in the lungs.

As a tear tape supplier with more than 3 decades, our company provide one-stop security hologram solution for protecting government revenues from sales of cigarette. And prevent more fake cigarettes come into the market to harm people's health.

Security Hologram Solution Included

Tax Stamp Hologram.jpg

Our company supply tax stamp hologram with more sophisticated hologram technology. Since Tobacco products are very easy to be counterfeited, It's necessary that use high security tax stamps to restrict the sale of fake products and avoid any further losses.

 Hologram Hot Stamping Foil.jpg

Transfer hot stamping labels of hologram hot stamping foil onto cigarette packs by heating and pressing. It need a professional hot stamping machine, can't be removed after stamping.

Cigarette Shrink Film.jpg

Cigarette shrink film can be used on various kinds of cigarette box wrapping machines for cigarette pack sealing, tobacco carton sealing and gift wraping. High transparency and hologram technologies make it more attractive & secure for cigarette packs.

Hologram Tear Tape.jpg 

Hologram tear tape produced by our company is applicable to various items of outer package, such as cigarette/tobacco boxes, medicine bag/box, health care products, food, audio and video products. So that protect your products from counterfeiting and easy to unpack or seal off.

Suzhou Image Laser was founded in 2001, have been focused on security hologram products for anti counterfeit package for decades. We have integrated hologram technology R & D, design, production, marketing into a complete solution. Owning more than 20 most advanced optical security encryption technologies, and more than 10 patent copyright. Image Laser never stop to research and develop the most advanced technology in this industry to defeat counterfeiting.

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