Name: 36 Micron Gold Metallized Tear Tape
Specification: 2.5mm*5000M
Feature: Available sizes, colors and logos, customize
Minimal Order: 100 rolls
Application: Tobacco, e-cigarette boxes, Tea

36micron PET Metallized Tear Tape

Our company provides varieties of metallized tear tapes with holographic image, which is commonly used for tobacco package for the purpose of quick opening and products security. 

Apart from tobacco industry, our PET Tear Tape is also applicable to tea, cosmetic, CDs, etc outer package. It was attached on the inner surface of flexible package film to help customers more efficiently open the package and enhance the security.

Hologram Tear Tape Details

Item Name:

PET Tear Tape




Metalized silver




Your logo


100 rolls

Anti-fake       tech:

High quality de-metalized,

micro text, zoom in/out ,etc



Easy to open package


Outer package of cigarettes, tea, 

cosmetic, etc.


Five layer corrugated box and wrap Film, avoid damage.

Metalized tear tape.jpg

Features of Metallized Tear Tape

Hologram tear tape is produced by advanced covet features which is easy to verify and difficult to forge or counterfeit. It can effectively avoid duplication. Various sizes, colors and logos are available to custoimize. 

tear tape features.jpg

Gold Tear Tape Application

Packaging of tobacco, e-cigarette boxes

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetic industry

Sealing of food industry, such as  candy, chew gum, biscuits,

CD & audio products

Safety Package of Tear Tape

Five layer corrugated box with wrap Film to ensure roll tear tape delivered to our clients is intact, avoid damage.

tear tape package.jpg

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How to order security hologram.jpg1) VALID vector format: AI, CDR, PSD, etc

2) Our tear tape is available to customize( unique logo, graphics, security features, etc )

3) We are ISO9001:2015 Certified, own experienced R & D Team And we are IHMA membership.

4) Successful Project: Have worked with many brands, suche as BODIDENG, Big Cigarette Factory, trusted in lots of government projects, National ID card, certificate & travel documents projects.

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Every industry can use security hologram for the purpose of promotional, anti-counterfeit or brand enhancement, etc.

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We have a range of security hologram laminate overlays, which provide a security protective layer for travel documents, Personal IDs and other official documents all over the world against counterfeiting.

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Commercial Brand

As a member of IHMA, our company offers a wide range of security hologram products that can be selected by fast-moving consumer goods for promotion, by major famous brands for product authenticity and government project for their sensitive product protection.

  • Advanced hologram origination make it very difficult to counterfeit

  • Enhance your brand & improve customers confidence

  • Combine with QR Code, diffraction code: for products promotion and traceability.

  • Aesthetic appearance make your package unique

  • High Security features make hologram more and more applicable to documents, government project, Event ID badges.

Suzhou Image Laser have been specialized in security holograms for over 3 decades, Trusted in more than 100 governmental projects and commercial brands.

We're a technology based company, and all production in house. You will get in time technical support and competitive price.

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