Optical Security HologramDiffraction Code

Anti-counterfeit Technology :

Diffraction code aims to make regular(organized) light spot(facula) diffracted by micro structure. then form the pattern which is easy to recognize by naked eyes. And associated with some product information. Users can scan this hologram sticker (made by micro structure) to get diffraction code and read relevant product information.

Compared with normal printing code, Our diffraction code cannot be counterfeited through simple photograph or copy. So security performance is greatly improved. Detection tool is very simple, diffraction code can be generated just need light source, making the identification of products very easy.

Technical Presentations:


Plum blossom shape diffraction code can be seen through scanning this hologram sticker under the light source of mobile.

Relevant Production Process: Include graphic design, photolithography & making hologram master, embossing, die-cutting, APP programming, Internet cloud identification

Enclosed 9 Diffraction Code Patterns Developed by Suzhou Image Laser

Diffraction Code Hologram Sticker (1).png

    Partial patterns have been applied to actual products. Shared a diffaraction code hologram sticker.

Diffraction Code Hologram Sticker (3).jpg

Except diffraction code, It has many security features. Like Optical Lens, Optical etching, Micro text & Optical relief. 

Holographic sticker-q (1).png

If you are interested in our diffraction code products, welcome to visit our website to know more diffraction code hologram sticker series. Suzhou Image Laser focus on hologram based optical security for 30 years and experienced in R & D and production of security hologram projects.  

Our security hologram products were adopted by many well-known enterprises. Security techs were applied onto National IDs & travel documents projects for many times. 

Cooperated with more than 50 governmental projects like 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 and 2014 Asian Games, 2016 G20 summit, 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and national ID card, certificate & travel documents projects. Suzhou Image Laser is professional in security solution and security design.