On Oct, 22th, 2015, Our company go to Turkey and exhibit our security hologram, hologram sticker label, hologram package on Eurasia Packaging 2015. Do you know what has happen during this business journey, let's go and see it. 

Suffering from setbacks and unsmooth experience, NIP finally arrived in Istanbul. But following up with that we meet with kinds of difficulties in the layout of product display. We didn't get this work done until mid-night.

There is a saying goes in china, " good fortune will come after series of difficulties. Hope good luck for us in Istanbul. After 5 to 6 hours rest, our foreign trade team come to the exhibition hall to welcome the opening of the first day in high spirits and with full energy.

Eurasia Packaging 2015 began in a grand opening, 14 exhibition venues was full of exhibitors and purchasers. Be different from before is that this exhibition included every aspect of printing industry: Paper box printing, tin can printing, bottle printing packaging, professional cosmetic packaging, beverage packaging, chocolate fixed packaging, packaging & printing industry, printing material, etc.

No doubt that our NO INK PRITNIGN Packaging was unique packaging design in this exhibition. Our foreign trade team was too busy to have rest or drink water. Except curious Local Turkey customers, our security hologram products gain much more attentions Uzbek, Dubai, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco and other countries customers.  

Professor Dr. Mehmet Oguz from Marmara University Printing department in Local Turkey visit our exhibition accompanied by his students. Our customers in Turkey come to our exhibition area one by one as promised. Four days exhibition with continuous drizzle, People who come to view the exhibition grew more and more. Our NIP Hologram Packaging were widely appreciated from local and other countries. Especially hologram sticker, many viewers inquire and ask to quote in the exhibition. Some customers even sign contracts with us on the spot.


In a word, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair 2015 was worthwhile to go. Except our permanent customers, more new customers know more about our company.