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What can we do?

Provide personalized anti-counterfeit & brand enhancement solution

Safety & Secrecy

Protect your privacy Anti Counterfeiting Say NO to forgery

Craft & Design

More than 20 advanced optical technologies to present a eye catching visual deisgn

Price & Service

The price acceptable, the low MOQ, fast delivery

Brand & Package

No ink printing and packaging advocator, leading for security and fashion package

The Most Popular Products

Why choose us?

  •     Technology Experience
    . AdvoIndependent R&D "3D true color complex photographic system"
    . cate simple and orderly production process, and reduce cost
    . R & D Dot Matrix machine and "Dot Matrix photo-etching sand silver system"
    . Independent R&D sets of optical plate-making machine
    . Unique NO ink printing technology


  •     Fashion Design
    . Advocate technical ,simple ,fashion, natural packaging style
    . Simulate various natural texture to show motion and 3D image to increase packaging has sense of life
    . Complex microstructure manufacture process makes copy more difficult, which have more higher security function
    . Ultrahigh resolution, Nano text have changing colorful, and dynamic text & image can hide 3D image


  •     brand  Concept
    . NO ink printing is no ink or less ink design to decrease ink pollution and reduce the cost at the same time, advocate healthy and safe packaging concept.
    . Now ink color printing process not only pollute environment also produce some harmful substances to human, NIP advocate printing without ink ,more low-carbon and more eco-friendly. Company keep environmental protection, low carbon as own duty to be a responsible enterprise. Advocate simple life attitude and make contribution to environmental protection.
    . NO need large printing equipment and complex printing process to reduce the cost.Reduce un-necessary process for you and provide more concise and orderly production process to reduce the cost.


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