Company profile


. Advocate simple and orderly production process, and reduce cost

. Focus on the field of optical security for 15 years to create superior anti-counterfeiting solutions

. With more than 5000 square meters of factory and 1000 level clean room

.Independent R&D "3D true color complex photographic system"

. 3D true color complex photographic system is a set of accurate high security technology

. Opera MingYuan of NIP made by this system, representing the highest level of modern security.

. R & D Dot Matrix machine and "Dot Matrix photo-etching sand silver system"

. Independent R&D Dot Matrix photo-etching sand silver system , supply for many countries and areas.

. Security labels made by this system , brightness and color better than the general finished product, security strength also increase one level

. Independent R&D sets of optical plate-making machine

. Company has professional R&D term, independent R&D sets of optical plate-making machine and supply for many countries and areas

. This equipment is easy to operate, good brightness of finished products, can be used to making mould and various packaging and ID card overlay production.

Unique NO ink printing technology

. A kind of technical ,simple ,fashion ,natural packaging style

. NO need for big printing equipment and complex printing process, low cost

. Complex microstructure manufacturing process makes imitation more difficult ,with anti-counterfeiting features

. NO ink dye ,NO organic solvents, printing more low-carbon and more eco-friendly


.Advocate technical ,simple ,fashion, natural packaging style

NO ink printing series packaging advocate technical, simple , fashion, natural packaging style and try best to build first domestic green packaging industry and make the packaging is colorful without ink printing.

.Simulate various natural texture to show motion and 3D image to increase packaging has sense of life

Micro nano texture series have universal background material for decoration, printing, labeling, can be used with ordinary printing process products.

.Complex microstructure manufacture process makes copy more difficult, which have more higher security function

By magnifying glass to identify complex microstructure which makes product more mysterious. Contracted design can make a unique anti-fake effect and make product in the forefront of fashion

.Ultrahigh resolution, Nano text have changing colorful, and dynamic text & image can hide 3D image

Professional anti-counterfeiting technology to greatly increase safety performance of product, according product to design security technologies which make more higher recognition in the market. 


 Free design ,Professional & dedication

.Has unique anti-fake design company, professional design team has

 numerous anti-fake patents and design patents

.Supply domestic and international numerous brands with anti-counterfeiting designs and plans and achieve customers' satisfaction

Fast delivery guarantee   High efficiency and good faith

. Team work with high efficiency, quick, reasonable arrange the delivery to make each order arrives on time 

. Since company was established 15 years ago, has been adhering to the efficient and good faith principle, treat every customer sincerely.

Perfect distribution service

. Cooperate with regular logistics companies, both domestic and international can be worry-free, arrive in quickly.

. Professional QC inspection, make sure each batch of the factory's products is qualified and let clients be at easy.

Lifetime Product maintenance , 24 hours online

. Perfect after-sale guarantee service system, sales products have strict formal number in order to answer questions about problems in time

. Professional human service, 24 hours online for you


 We don't make copy!

.We do not duplicate any existing hologram OR make any fake certificates, IDs.

.If there is a register mark or trademark: in the design, a registered certificate copy is issued by government and original authorization letter must be provided before mastering.

 Protect Customer privacy

. Custom graphics &designs of customers will not be sold to third-party without permit.