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About No Ink Printing TM

About one thousand year ago, Mr. Bi Sheng (Song Dynasty) had invented Movable Type Printing which lasted for thousands of years, and became one of Four Great Inventions by CHINA.

Nowadays, advancement of science and technology have brought ink printing tech to such a high level. When we are surrounded by various kinds of colorful printings and bright packaging, do you feel the increasing cost of printing industry, visual fatigues, environmental contamination and damage caused by chemical inks and dissolvent, our health issues as a result of volatile organic compounds(VOC) from the printing products, and overflow of fake printings?

No Ink Printing TM have made it possible.

Brand Characters


No Ink Printing TM  Application


             NIP SECURITY LABEL                                       SECRUITY THREAD/TEAR TAPE

               NIP Packaging Box                                  Big size 3D hologram sticker

Material Adaptability: can produce no ink printing on paper, plastic film and sheet, metal film and sheet.

Packing market: for digital products, cosmetics, foods, wines, cigarette, publication covers, luxuries, infant and baby products.

Label market: standard label stickers, seal labels, anti-counterfeiting labels and so on

Special material: generic decoration, weddings, special lamination or transfer film, anti-counterfeiting tear tapes.

No Ink Printing TM  Responsibility and Mission

No ink printing is neither a turnover or revolution of printing industry ,nor just produce a kind of printing and packaging, but to express a kind of easy, simple attitude towards our life, advocate eco-friendly and low carbon society responsibility, and leading to hi-tech, fashionable, healthy and security printing and packaging trend.

NO INK PRINTING make packaging real, beautiful & good. For more details, please visit



Micro-Nano Texture-Unique Optical Texture Design 


Micro nanoscale Texture can be called Optical texture , skin texture, structure texture, micro structure texture, etc. 

It is a new brand through adding new technique and processing at the basic of original generic hologram texture, striving to enhance anti-fake and simulation function on the basis of good-looking appearance. It can also realize naked visible 3D stereo and dynamic effect.

Generic Texture Series


Be different from traditional Mechanical texture, it limits structure depth of decorative texture to dozen of nanometer, generally 1% of human hair. Micro texture can show optical diffraction color without ink printing and realize transfer, stamping, laminate in more broader application field.

Material adaptability

 Metal, plastic sheets, sheets 

 Paper, cloth, leather     

 Glass, ceramics, building materials    

 Injection molded products

Application Fields

Process characteristics

The special surface grating structure is made by laser engraving, holography, electron beam, ultra-precision CNC machining, electrochemical and other micro fabrication technology, which makes the light produce optical phenomenon such as refraction, diffraction and scattering, with gray shades and color change to simulate plant, organism, fabric, mineral, nature, science and abstract art. 

such as stainless steel wire drawing, carbon fiber structure pattern, water ripple, braided fabric, bark plant texture, marble, landscape clouds, light beam, rainbow and so on. People feel this visual surface, as a grating decorative texture, this surface decoration production to create a new surface decoration visual experience.